Eight Amazing New Novelty Toys Sharing

Festivals always come one after another during life, and also are you worried about the gifts for your friends, lovers or family members? Take a look at these six new toys, and so was exciting and amazing, perhaps inspiration came to you too! They includes the Tuttuki BakoJapan soybean pod keychainSega Robotic Cat, Obama martial arts toy, koibito Art Toy, Bottle puppet Kinto, Magic paint. So many amazing new toys will be introduced.

Following, six kinds of Novelty Toys will be introduced to you.

1. Tuttuki Bako

This interactive toy is from Japan, mainly to put your finger inside the box, and then will create a false impression with the  virtual screen above boxes.

Tuttuki Bako brings more joy to your daily life.
Tuttuki Bako brings more joy to your daily life.
2. Japan soybean pod keychain
When you attend boring meetings, these small soybeans can maintain your fingers busy well, but also make you have good mood, because their cute smile makes you forget all the sorrow. These interesting toy keychains allows you to pop edamame beans practically anywhere to fill in random bouts of boredom.
Japan Soybean Pod Toy
Japan Soybean Pod Toy Collection
Japan Soybean Pod Toy Collection
 Following the previous generation of edamame soybean pod keychains with new faces, the third generation comes in four new colours for a touch of vibrance.
If you consider this Japan soybean pod keychain is not attractive enough, it is not your favor, you can check the following one, if it is suitable to your need, and if it is your cup of tea.
3. Sega Robotic Cat 
 Named “Dream Cat Venus”, who is equipped with touch sensors. It is engaged to move, pur, and do other behaviours which is similar as the real cat’s actions. It not only sleepiness, which can send the voice, which is similar to a cat’s, but when you touch its belly , it will move its paws. For a better sense of how Dream Cat Venus operates, watch the following pictures.
Cute Sega Robotic Cat Toy 
Sega Robotic Cat Toy Collection
Sega Robotic Cat Toy could be your good friend mate.
 4. Obama martial arts toy
12 inches high, armed with a samurai sword and a Star Wars lightsaber, head and hands are available to be replaced.
Obama Martial Arts Toys
Obama Martial Arts Toys
 5. Bandai floating toys
When you put these different shapes of small things, including jellyfish, squid, octopus and so on, into the bottle which is filled with water, they can float up. If you are astounded and interested in it, you can have a try, and you will feel the joy by your self. Just have a try. If you would like to know more information, you can visit www.toydots.com  in your spare time, you will get more amazing tous information, which can bring you happiness and new joys lifestyle.
Best Bandai floating toys
Best Bandai floating toys
6. koibito Art Toy
A 7-inch high figurine, which is a combination of American popular culture and Japanese mysticism. In Japanese, koibito is a pun, meaning “love” or “Carp people.”
Koibito Art Toy collection
Koibito Art Toy collection
7. Bottle puppet Kinto
 Which is dancing following the thread of the Muppets, what can draw the heart back to that simple joy of childhood happy times. The day is full of sunshine and laughter, hiding deep in our memory.
Bottle Puppet Toys
Bottle Puppet Toys
8. Magic paint
Magic Paint Collection
Magic Paint Collection
Because paint is difficult to clean, so as long as paint “pollution” to clothes, belongings, or a beautiful decoration items, it would be disgusting. If you do not believe,  you can challenge a friend’s psychology with this magical bucket. These little gadgets toys can make your daily life more enjoyable, and develop your curiosity.
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