Mpillow-Hear Your Favorite Music in Your Pillow

I encounter a conceptual MP3 player a few days ago, you may take it as a small pillow surely, model of which is MPillow, designed by Ozgur Tasar, Per Arlander and Madlene Linstrom.

I still remember that when iPod launched, many of my iPod friends said that there could be no better than it. But now seems every miracles would happen and even the music would be beside your pillow, surely that will be out of your imagination. But that is true, you can pay more attention to the following pictures, to check out more detailed information. Can you imagine that if one day the Mpillow get out of your toilet seat? That would be more and more relax, do you think so?

The concept of Designers Per Arlander, Madlene Linstrom and Ozgur Tasar is that to let music relier enjoy music in more relax environment, and find more happiness with this Mpillow, which is made as so light and sound, so it can also help you chill after a long tiring day.
You can connect your Mpillow into computer wirelessly, and download any music you like, or you can also just use the sound which fixed on the Mpillow. You can do either you like, why not have a try? Inside the Mpillow is filled with a translucent plastic gel, called the techno gel. And, you can cover it with all kinds of materials. So do you feel surprise at this Mpillow? You can Mpillow: Hear your favorite music in your Pillow!   
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