Corrugated Cardboard-When Racing Video Game Meets R/C Car

I encountered this set-up recently, and then I am attracted by it. And I introduce this Corrugated Cardboard to all my friends, and ask them what would happen when Racing Video Game Meets R/C Car.

If you are familiar with such kind of game, you can find out that this is a sit-down arcade racing game, which uses a real car actually. I could provide you rough description, principle is that a small, remote controlled car goes around a corrugated cardboard track, and R/C car has a camera, so that we are able to see as if we are driving! Don’t you think that it is amazing and have you known this principle ever?
When Racing Video Game Meets R/C Car
I really would like to have such set-up of Racing Video Game Meets R/C Car at my home, and I can play with my beloved among the Corrugated Cardboard. If you see what behind the littile wheel, you will find out a slot car set. Generally speaking, this R/C car has to be picked up every time it rollsover after a bad curve. I have wondered that if this little system could improve other video games. In my mind, this seems like a racing game.
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Welcome to reproduce, and please indicate the source toydots.

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