Pongle Controller Concept for Wii

This Wii console gained unexpected gains and success because of creative technology usage, so that innovate game interaction. It is known very well that Wiimote has become a favorite for both young and old, and what’s more, it allows people who were not interesed in gaming, to have a try. http://www.toydots.com/Toys/

It may not throw as much caution to the wind as the Nintendo Star-mote we spotted a couple of months back, but this so-called Pongle Wii controller concept from Hayes Urban eschews its fair share of modern video game conventions nonetheless, earkening back to simpler video gaming days instead. http://www.toydots.com/Toys/
Pongle Controller Cncept for Wii
Pongle does remind you of the old Atari joystick, doesn’t it? The new lay-out could make things a little difficult to use Pongle, but Urban assures you that all buttons on the Wiimote are also present in the Pongle. It’s just that buttons 1 and 2 are hidden in the push-pull outer ring of the big Knob there. http://www.toydots.com/Toys/
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