San Diego Comic Con 2010 Continues-Sideshow Collectibles Show

The big comic Con show 2010 went well at the San Diego Convention Center. If you are comic fans, you would know that an abundance of amazing stuff shown at Comic-Con 2010, from comics,  movies, video games to collectibles and more. At Comic-Con 2010, we have chance to get closer to those amazing statues and busts from Sideshow Collectibles.

Iron Man bust from Sideshow Collectibles
Carnage bust from Sideshow Collectibles
Wolverine bust from Sideshow Collectibles
Celebrate San Diego Comic Con 2110 with Sideshow Action Figures and those Sideshow Collectibles. Please watch this Marvel Sideshow Collectibles produced and showed during their Comic-Con 2010 panel. Following, Iron Man 2 statue from Sideshow Collectibles pictures are shown. Carnage bust from Sideshow Collectibles are also quite attractive.
Iron Man 2 Statue from Sideshow Collectibles
War Machine from "Iron Man 2" from Sideshow Collectibles
Iron Man statue from Sideshow Collectibles
What’s more, I would like to introduce the Demon RAH 12-inch figure to you all. Demon RAH 12-inch Figure is highly authentic and ready to take life on your shelf in any pose that you desire. KISS is regarded as one of the most influential roll bands all times. The KISS legacy continues to grow, generation after generation, transcending age, race and creed.
Demon RAH 12-inch figure
Medicom Toy Demon RAH 12-inch figure
If you are action figures and Sideshow Collectibles fans, please visit more Comic Con updates on Sideshow Collectibles page.
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