Amazing 3D 3DS PSP Trial Sharing-Why Not Have a Try on 3DS

IGN reporter Craig Harris first time contact with 3D 3DS impression is: 3D 3DS is a major evolution of DSi Series itself, very comfortable grasped in hand, it also has a very comfortable rocker, which was better and easier to be operated than SONY’s PSP Rocker. Trial in the actual 3D images of various gaming experience even more surprised when Nintendo used a LCD technology transfer to your left and right eye different images, and let information transmitted to the eye automatic integration in the brain, thus produced is very obvious moment to let people look very natural. Observing the game screen has a lot of good observation point, so players do not need to find suitable observation points everywhere.

When describing the performance of 3D images, Craig is full of praise, “3D movie trailer seen im the movie theater is put on 3D 3DS to watch, 3D images shown surprisingly performance has the same grade with the performance of the cinema. “actual trial of the game on display, he describe the Nintendo DEMO run arious static 3D models, including Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, so you can use the joystick to adjust perspective, this model depicts a very, very fine, with a lot of lighting effects and a polygon, make a very nice 3D effect.

Super Mario Kart


Nintendo cats and dogs is playable on the scene, when you throw the ball, it (the dog) really went the distance, holding the ball when it came back, this effect is almost as if to jumped down from the same screen. Metal Gear Solid 3 DEMO is displayed all kinds of possibilities of 3DS, it has let the player adjust the angle of action characters function, the effect seems to PS2 version of the game to achieve the perfect level, and has its unique 3D effect.



Mario Kart and among the DEMO show only Mario and Luigi in the game driving the screen, the screen is running at full 60 frames, also show a variety of amazing picture effect. And I noticed a detail When Mario and Luigi is very close distance when the two stared at each other each other, the details of the description of very fine, and I have never seen the scene in previous Mario Kart games. More 3DS information.

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