Could You Imagine Digital Picture Comes Stamped

You alls always take pictures, but have you ever think of doubling up a digital camera as a stamp, with same pattern, but different touch feeling. Just for fun, this digicam offers various of options and modes to take picture and edit them by yourself. The main function of this Stampy Digital Camera is to provide you option of creating a rubber-stamp version of your photograph. In this way, you could stamp your own photos on any sheet of paper or surface.

Stampy Digital Camera
Stampy Digital Camera
Stampy Digital Camera
Stampy Digital Camera

You can find out from the following pictures, that the stamp picture can only be red, if you would like to tweak this concept, having the stampy Digital Camera stamp out pictures in multi colors is the key point which you need to pay more attention. If you are a Photography enthusiast, you can consider more on how to let this stampy Digital Camera stamp more colors of photos. You will experience fun and more happiness in this stampy Digital Camera, how do you think?

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