Cute Little Satan Toy

These cute and delicate-designed little Satan are all hand carved individually by ebony by the Makonde tribe in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They have been making these kinds of similar figures for about 1500 years. So from the exquisite appearance, you can find out high level hand carving of them. It is reported that Muungano and Makonde create this Little Satan, aiming to refresh the vinyl toy market and celebrate the ancient figure-carving skills. And also Muungano and Makonde communicate with each other via email to create this Little Satan, really very lifelike.

Little Satan
Little Satan
This masterpiece is really a cooperation work of Muungano and Makonde. From the facial appearance of the Little Satan, you could find out that the design is really very vivid, and cute, anyway, if you are also a unique toys collector, this Little Satan should be a good choice. May this Little Satan provide you more funs.
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