Hobby Japan Optimum Science Fiction Action Figures Toys

The Hobby Japan monthly can not meet the needs of all players, so they fixed launch annual editorial four quarterly Hobby Japan Ex, planning a large space project, will go to the essence of the contents, starting from the supplement EX, Hobby Japan in addition to producing monthly editorial, also played a mook line, including high-end toy magazine “SMH” the former is “HJ EX”, and later entered the ranks of Mook. The new century, the editorial will be changed its name “HJ EX” to other names, such as Hobby Japan, etc., continue to introduce. Born in the last century’s sixties model toy magazine Hobby Japan, not only the most senior comprehensive toy magazines, called Japanese.
In line with the magazine “the best science fiction role peripheral toy”, stylists Takahashi LCSD works Access to the Movie, will be familiar with the historical science fiction films, made the several roles big head statue, covering the Terminator, Predator, Mechanical Men, Star Wars, Blade Runner and so on.

Access to the movie role

Speaking of classic science fiction film roles, in addition to Star Wars Das • Wade, somore else? “Scene king” Takuji Yamada Kotobukiya commit toy manufacturers invitation, produced a 1 / 6 Darth Vader statue, Even disfigured Anakin face after the mask was produced.

Star Wars Dark Lord

Han • Solomon captain and the role of Princess Leia the two statues, prototyping TakashiKinoshita played by the two statues role of the ratio are all 1 / 6. The robot C-3PO is created by surgeon Sato, Kaiyodo produced, Sato expand a high reputation in the toy industry, both because of their untimely death, on the other hand he has a high achievement inrobot design, after his death, he is responsible for producing, Fewture Gaeta robot series is up to high price, the price remains high until now.

Han • Solomon captain and Princess Leia

This 1 / 4 T800 metal skeleton, made of soft plastic and metal material, based on the movable body, added eyes shining detailed design. As Terminator 2 shown, the works standard can be said to be very impressive.

Terminator 2 T800

While in the movie, Alien seems especially mysterious, but all related toy make the monster visibility to common, then look to see model in alien.

Alien model.

In Terminator 2 opening, incomparable “hunters” they cruise in the air, using electronic equipment and radar scanners, uninterrupted search human survivors and send the information reaper. In the “Terminator 2018” also appeared, but the other tank, did not appear. Two models are produced by the Hagiwara Benedict in 1 / 35 ratio.

Terminator 2 Weapons

Famous aircraft from Star Trek – Enterprise. Model produced by the MatikanetamakazuraF, reach lifelike effect.

Star Trek

Hellraiser figure

Horror novelist Clive Barker, just for fun, as horror film director Hellraiser, play the role of acupuncture face, fully promote the extensive and profound culture of China Acupuncture. Hiroshi Sagae produced the 1 / 6 of the devil statue, inserted whole face with needles.


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