New Stylish Molly Ballmer Dolls

Do you fans still remember that Santa Ballmer doll, which was launched during Christmas? Santa Ballmer, made by Ball-joint, because of this unique design, introduced as collector’s favorite toy, and quickly sold out. As the Hong Kong’s famous toy artist, Patrick Chow produceda few toy works, Santa Ballmer doll is very collectible doll. The friend who have not collect Santa Claus doll yes, should not be too worry, the toy introduced today is produced with Ballmer doll as the prime body Molly.

Patrick Chow intends to create Ballmer dolls toy as a toy platform, invited digital artists to create Ballmer doll toy Fair. Well-known toy designers Kenny is one of the invited artists, Kenny gave his trendtoy doll to Molly Ballmer, ultimately create brand new Molly Ballmer doll.

Molly Ballmer Dolls

Molly Ballmer dolls Molly is with theme of the crown, a big blue crown is the most significant feature of this Molly Ballmer dolls. This crown, or even covered up Molly Ballmer doll half face, so that seems little Molly even more small and cute. Different Saturation blue patterns add humor to this Molly Ballmer, feels this Molly Ballmer doll like a little magician.

Molly Ballmer Dolls

In addition to cute theme design of Molly Ballmer doll, the biggest advantage is its funny. As the Ball-joint effect, so this Molly Ballmer doll free to stand, bend over and sit down. This lovely joints flexible Molly Ballmer is still very worthy to wait. Hope Ballmer doll toy can open up a new toys platform!

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