PS3 Launches Hulu Plus Preview

PS3 has launched Hulu Plus Preview mode, in order to select PlayStation Plus members. What’s more, you will not be able to see Hulu Plus on anyone other system until 2011, because it is the only gaming console you can access today. Hulu Pluspreview is available presently on PS3 to select PlayStation Plus members; it is reported that Hulu Plus release available to all PlayStation 3 owners in the United States in the coming months.

Nowadays, more and more people pay more attention to their Budget Living? Do you also like this? They may consider that why pay for cable to watch stuff on my television when I can stream most of the TV to every screen I watch for $10/month? I also have this kind of thinkings, why not do so? The awesome Hulu Plus iPhone app can help you and me to realize what our throught.
PS3 Launches Hulu Plus Preview
PS3 Launches Hulu Plus Preview
PS3 Launches Hulu Plus Preview
PS3 Launches Hulu Plus Preview

President and chief executive officer, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC have said that: “We are delighted to offer the Hulu Plus preview starting today on PlayStation 3 and that PlayStation 3 will be the only console to offer Hulu Plus in 2010.” General availability of Hulu Plus in the United States is expected in the coming months on the PS3 computer entertainment system and additional Sony Electronics Internet-connected entertainment devices.

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