Shrek 4 Higher Box Office Influences Shrek Toys Sale

The industry’s large file animated Shrek 4 has been screened for the first time in 21 4 359 theaters in North America. The box office performance is not satisfactory, box office income on the premiere date is 20 million U.S. dollars, far less than 3 years ago Shrek 3 (38.43 million U.S. dollars). Nevertheless, the Shrek 4 inthe last three days of last week is 71.25 million U.S. dollars, which is still at the first place among the box office.
According to statistical data of North American box office released on the 23rd, Shrek film series is the first 3D film of this Shrek series production. The Paramount make Shrek 4 screened at 4,359 theaters (including 2373 3D cinema), the number far more than Shrek 2 record, creating a number of animated cinema premiere record. The IMAX DMR version fare rose to nearly 20 U.S. dollars,(revenue of 500 million, accounting for 7% of box office revenues). And compared to the last two Shrek series films opening weekend income, Shrek 4 box office performance is worse, Shrek 2 harvest 108 million, Shrek 3 harvest 122 million U.S. dollars. Audiences and critics have both the positive and negative comments.

shrek forever after poster shrek forever after shrek forever afterShrek 4

According to foreign media reports, the fare of new released Shrek 4 IMAX 3D version in several IMAX theaters in New York this week will be 20 dollars. 20 U.S. hit in North America currently single movie screenings normally record the highest fares, more importantly, it is the first time for Americans realized that the ticket prices could soar to be more than 20 dollars.
Because the hot sale of Shrek 4 film, the Shrek 4 toys will also be hot saled. U.S. well-known Toys producer Playmates will also release Shrek 4 toy series. Shrek 4 pocket-sized doll toy series includes action figures toys, Shrek magic ball, doll, and voice-activatedplush toys. Among them, there is a very special toy Shrek action figures, which Shrek dolls submerged in mud, and then out from the mud, very vivid.

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