Toy Story 3 Woody Action Figure Sharing

Woody and Buzz Light year action figures toys are back! With Toy Story 3 release, the KAIYODO will launch series of the two main characters Action Figures toys. ON10 launched in August is the cowboy Woody.

KAIYODO special photo series launched Woody action figures toys and Buzz Light year, classified them into 3D animation film, will be a somewhat far-fetched, but certainly in the product phase and workmanship, they are excellent.

The largest feature of Toy Story 3 Woody action figures toys is that eyes can mobilized and adjustable: the eyes can change by mobilizing, the facial expression is more enriched together with a squint of the head carving, Toy Story 3 Woody either laughing, or playing tricky expression, his eyes expression can fully reproduce.

Toy Story 3 Woody

In detail, as toy, letters under Andy’s feet are exquisite, Woody microphone also be attached.

Toy Story 3 Woody

Toy Story 3 Woody

In the original version, telescope was a prop, but also play a role. In the film, Toy Story 3 Woody not only with the telescope, but also prepared a hand holding a telescope.Just look at the following picture. Shown above, red circle is the location of Toy Story 3 Woody movable joints vision position, you can see their mobility is very good.

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