Transformable Remote Control NXT Wall-E Action Toys

Both Remote Controled robots Lego NXT WALL-E and inductive MP3 Speaker i-Dance just same appeared as what in movies, relying on similar tanks thong walking, forward, back, circling, falling, given its unique voice. In addition, it has a pre-compiled function. i-Dance WALL-E is able to dance with music, or flashing its blue eyes foolishly. And when you stimulate it with the sound, it will issue its own induction into the sound in the film, and a dance accompanied.

It is introduced that this Lego NXT Wall-E transformable robot is fully self controlled, because that it uses Lego Mindstorms programming environment. I heard that this Remote Control Lego NXT  Wall-E Action Toy is the first in Lego build look-alike, which is capable to transform automated. Have you ever dreamed of having your own Wall-E action figure toy? I have ever imagined that if I have such a Lego NXT Wall-E action figure toy? How wonderful that should be. Maybe you also have such kinds of imagination.
iDance Wall-E and Interactive Wall-E
iDance Wall-E and Interactive Wall-E
iDance Wall-E and Interactive Wall-E
iDance Wall-E and Interactive Wall-E
iDance Wall-E and Interactive Wall-E
Well, those dreams have just been answered with the release of the all new remote control Lego NXT Wall-E. I notice that this fantastic toy robot comes complete with radio controller, so you can sit back and watch as you guide Wall-E around your front room, kitchen, the local streets or wherever else you would like. It is said that he’s not quite as intelligent as the Wall-E featured in the film, but this clever little robot will entertain you and your family for a long time. So if you would like more happiness, this Remote Control NXT Wall-E Action Toy would be a good choice.
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