2010 June Pop Icon Barbie Doll Sharing

Innovation has always been a Barbie doll design pattern. When previous classic Barbie doll has been past, and faded gradually in people’s memory, and an incoming wave of retro is essential. It will be a timely reminder that the classic Barbie Doll should not be forgotten. This Pop Icon Barbie Doll is a reinventing statue traced back to the classic Barbie Doll in 1977.
Not a traditional antique engraved, this pattern Barbie Doll is aimed to commemorate Barbie doll development process of becoming a popular brand. Back to 1977, Barbie doll launched a new face mold, has now entered a new era. Blonde, graceful figure, the sun smiles and dressed in glamorous pink evening dress. Superstar Barbie ® debuted and became an immortal classic.

Pop Icon Barbie Doll
The upcoming Pop Icon Barbie Doll face and hair are rather striking resemble with Barbie Doll in the previous days. To reflect this memorial Superstar Barbie intention, this beautiful Barbie crush wearing bright colors put on a large fish tail skirt, light blue upper body changed to light golden. Skirt printed with a bright smile, blond Barbie doll. Whiteness and white stars dotted, a big Barbie logo also printed on the corner of skirt.
Although the pink label collection version Barbie Doll belong to pop culture series, but this Pop Icon Barbie Doll by the chief designer Robert Best Barbie dolls popular gas field marks a considerable difference. The so-called popular culture, it should be that civilian culture, which everyone can afford. So the Pop Icon Barbie Doll logo goes a natural pink style. But in the overall design, gold and silver did not belong to a special paragraph Barbie doll! Number is R4543, been launched in June, 2010, Barbie fans are able to feast their eyes in coming June!



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