Bandai Hungry Money Eating Dog

This is Japan Bandai’s newest piggy bank. If put such a stuff in front of you, could you dope out this is a piggy bank? Seems modelling very general, but if you put coins into the bowl, puppy began eating a coin repidly! Eat coins really very cute! Is it true that dogs have become so secular! Usually if you have changes on hand, to feed some money to your dogs. It must bring happiness to you and your daily life.

Maybe you have never seen such smart looked and intelligent Money Eating Dog in your life. They could save all the changes for you, so that you can avoid of losing changes all the time.
Money Eating Dog
Money Eating DogMoney Eating Dog
Money Eating DogMoney Eating Dog

You can do as follows, just put all the coins you have in a bowl, and they will natrually go towords the coins, you can have a try, very funny. And they will be very eager to eat out all the coins as possible as they. Do you believe what I said, you can just have a try. And you can watch them eat, it could bring more happiness to your daily life.
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