Converse Sneakers with Sound?

People or Converse fans must have many Converse Sneakers in every corner of your home, but they never imagine that Converse Sneakers are able to sound? Have you ever heard these kinds of news? If not, this Converse Sneaker will make you be astonished.

Chucks, or better known as Converse Sneakers, it is better and unique designed, really very crazy and funny.
Converse Speakers
Converse Speakers
The Converse fans always wear Converse religiously, and once the Converse is with a hole on the sole, this should be a amazing excuse to buy another pairs. The Converse sneakers are making a comeback in the shape of a speaker, designed by 3F Studio.

The following huge Converse is designed by 3F Studio, they must know how to get to heart of those Chuck fans. Converse Shoe is designed with built in speaker, Converse fans must be excited about it. You can find out that the following shoes are with huge size, has incorporated speakers for listening to your favorite tunes while lying back on the shoe relaxing. What a wonderful idea for these most incredible Converse shoes!

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