EOS MixTape Watch Brings Amazing Boombox to Your Wrist

Tape watch EOS MixTape Watch, its indicator dial shaped as a box of old-fashioned tape, with the retro style. There are 3 colors, black, gold and blue, the price is relatively high, need 135 U.S. dollars!

I still remember that when I am still a little kid, I had a knock-offwatch shaped like a transformer. Because you could transform it into a bloodthirsty robot jaguar from microcassette. Have you ever met such kind of watch? It really amazing and accompanying with me for the whole child. In my opinion, this EOS MixTape Watch has replaced the knock-off watch I owned. The cassette tape has become impractical in today’s gigabyte era, but this wristwatch shows how sexy and classy the old’  tape can be. If you are a watch fan, or you interested in watch collectibles, EOS MixTape Watch will bring you more and more happiness.
EOS MixTape Watch

EOS MixTape Watch

On the dial is two movable discs which look like the movement of a real cassette tape. On the right dial is where the hands are for the time. The watch face looks like a cassette tape, and with golden finish, I like it! There are several colors options, you can choose the color you like. I prefer black EOS MixTape Watch, just shown on the above picture. The Mixtape Watch by EOS is pretty close aesthetically.


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