What is This-Amazing New Discovered Y-Grinder 

London Design Studio DesignWright’s brother Adrian and JeremyWright designed Y-Grinder manual grinder for the kitchen, to help grinding salt, pepper and other spices. Method is as follows, put the food into Y-Grinder, close the lid, and then turning. grinding completed, poured out grinds from the bottom, very difficult to adjustthe gringding degree.
It has two chambers, each of which is controlled by a handle to respectively mill and offer salt and pepper. Though the concept behinds the Y-Grinder is simple, the device is quite useful and it has got the Winner of Red Dot Award 2010 and Design Plus.

Y Grinder
Y Grinder
Y Grinder

I do not have too much grinding device introduced in common supplies. In addition to this particular appearance of Y-grinder, it is a dual grinders, that is, it can grind two things at the same time, each grind do not disturb each other. The main raw materials are added from the “Y” entrance, tighten on the lid, and then can start grinding. of course, with two exits to prevent being mixed, grain size can be adjusted.


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