Amazing 3D 3DS PSP Trial Sharing-Why Not Have a Try on 3DS

August 26, 2010

IGN reporter Craig Harris first time contact with 3D 3DS impression is: 3D 3DS is a major evolution of DSi Series itself, very comfortable grasped in hand, it also has a very comfortable rocker, which was better and easier to be operated than SONY’s PSP Rocker. Trial in the actual 3D images of various gaming experience even more surprised when Nintendo used a LCD technology transfer to your left and right eye different images, and let information transmitted to the eye automatic integration in the brain, thus produced is very obvious moment to let people look very natural. Observing the game screen has a lot of good observation point, so players do not need to find suitable observation points everywhere.

When describing the performance of 3D images, Craig is full of praise, “3D movie trailer seen im the movie theater is put on 3D 3DS to watch, 3D images shown surprisingly performance has the same grade with the performance of the cinema. “actual trial of the game on display, he describe the Nintendo DEMO run arious static 3D models, including Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, so you can use the joystick to adjust perspective, this model depicts a very, very fine, with a lot of lighting effects and a polygon, make a very nice 3D effect.

Super Mario Kart


Nintendo cats and dogs is playable on the scene, when you throw the ball, it (the dog) really went the distance, holding the ball when it came back, this effect is almost as if to jumped down from the same screen. Metal Gear Solid 3 DEMO is displayed all kinds of possibilities of 3DS, it has let the player adjust the angle of action characters function, the effect seems to PS2 version of the game to achieve the perfect level, and has its unique 3D effect.



Mario Kart and among the DEMO show only Mario and Luigi in the game driving the screen, the screen is running at full 60 frames, also show a variety of amazing picture effect. And I noticed a detail When Mario and Luigi is very close distance when the two stared at each other each other, the details of the description of very fine, and I have never seen the scene in previous Mario Kart games. More 3DS information.

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Anime Onegai Onsen Sexy Beauty Action figures Toys

August 26, 2010

Though Anime Onegai already finished play, but the momentum of the toy area is not diminished. This set toys released by the Maxfactory, this classic Anime Onegai sexy beauty toys will be republished later this month.

Anime Onegai Sexy Beauty

Onsen: Mizuho, protagonist of the Onegai, this classic style naturally is popular and well saled.

Anime Onegai Sexy Beauty Miina Miyafuji

Anime Onegai Sexy Beauty Mizuho

Onsen: Kazami Hatsuho in her Robe is of most feminine temperament in Anime Onegai. In this Onsen set, this Onegai Teacher figure has Kazami Hatsuho standing in a robe, either preparing to go relax in the onsen, or just getting out of it! Highly detailed for a figure, and a little ecchi, this beautiful figure of Kazami Hatsuho is a lovely one for any collection.

Anime Onegai Sexy Beauty Miyafuji Miina

Onsen: Kazami Maho is youngest one in Onegai Teacher. This Onegai Teacher figure has Kazami Maho covering herself, perhaps shy about going into the onsen-or perhaps hiding from Morino Ichigo’s camera! This beautiful figure of Kazami Maho is a lovely one for any collection.

Anime Onegai Sexy Beauty Kazami Maho

Onsen: Miyafuji Miina Weighing Herself, expression of Miyafuji Miina and coordination with scale is most vivid in this Onegai Sexy Beauty Egg Toys.

Anime Onegai Sexy Beauty Kazami

Onsen: 1/7 scale Miina Miyafuji Swimsuit sexy Figure, this beauty is completed and painted by Kotobukiya, so you don’t have to do it yourself!

Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Movable Toys

August 26, 2010

Since there is Woody, another main character, Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear is naturally small wheel movable Tokusatsu toys, ON11 in August,”the leader of interstellar distance” – buzz Lightyear.

Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear wheel movable toy is with well movable effects, the soldier is also full of temperament in the movie.

Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear

This Buzz Lightyear wheel movable toys is similar with Woody, as figure’s eyes are turning.

Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear movable fingers are designed similar to the MG model, flight status can also be displayed with accessories. Shoulder and arm joints, specially designed a movable joint.

Toys Story 3 Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear movable parts list can be seen obviously, in addition to the face and wings, the three soldiers attached, are all biggest advantages.

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New Stylish Molly Ballmer Dolls

August 26, 2010

Do you fans still remember that Santa Ballmer doll, which was launched during Christmas? Santa Ballmer, made by Ball-joint, because of this unique design, introduced as collector’s favorite toy, and quickly sold out. As the Hong Kong’s famous toy artist, Patrick Chow produceda few toy works, Santa Ballmer doll is very collectible doll. The friend who have not collect Santa Claus doll yes, should not be too worry, the toy introduced today is produced with Ballmer doll as the prime body Molly.

Patrick Chow intends to create Ballmer dolls toy as a toy platform, invited digital artists to create Ballmer doll toy Fair. Well-known toy designers Kenny is one of the invited artists, Kenny gave his trendtoy doll to Molly Ballmer, ultimately create brand new Molly Ballmer doll.

Molly Ballmer Dolls

Molly Ballmer dolls Molly is with theme of the crown, a big blue crown is the most significant feature of this Molly Ballmer dolls. This crown, or even covered up Molly Ballmer doll half face, so that seems little Molly even more small and cute. Different Saturation blue patterns add humor to this Molly Ballmer, feels this Molly Ballmer doll like a little magician.

Molly Ballmer Dolls

In addition to cute theme design of Molly Ballmer doll, the biggest advantage is its funny. As the Ball-joint effect, so this Molly Ballmer doll free to stand, bend over and sit down. This lovely joints flexible Molly Ballmer is still very worthy to wait. Hope Ballmer doll toy can open up a new toys platform!

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Saint Seiya Crystal Saint Gallery New Works

August 26, 2010

After Seiya, Shiryu,Saint Seiya Crystal Saint Gallery is released as the action figure, the fourth ice warriors –Shiratori sacred garments, the same process and continuation of the gorgeous sacred garments.

Sacred garments in Saint Seiya resurrect through the goddess blood, is all there for the finale significant work, though appeared in late sections and the time is very limited, but the luxury aesthetic appearance, is impressive to all Readers, Crystal Saint Gallery series naturally will not miss this legendary.

saint seiya crystal caint gallery

Saint Seiya Crystal Saint Gallery has launched three sacred garments in five toppest work, this glacier sacred garments are still very good shaped, Shiratori Block sacred garments sacred silver and gold clothing patterns interspersed with a full beautiful and noble appearance.

saint seiya crystal caint gallery

Sacred garments is also very good – an artful shiratori, with vivid flashes of light and shadow shapes, can also be seen as a work of art. Saint Seiya Crystal Saint Gallery is also the same, make use of new high humanoid action figure, but the size of sacred garments package will have a lot of impact on mobility of the characters, but so gorgeous beautiful Sacred garments, estimated the number of players will not always get to play with it.

Saint Seiya Crystal Saint Gallery

Saint Seiya Crystal Saint Gallery

saint seiya crystal caint gallery

Saint Seiya Sacred garments other head sculpture is redesigned. Since the ice after only five small toppest sacred garments have not appeared.

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Shinning Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn Action Figures Sharing

August 26, 2010

Shining Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn sexy beauty facial expression is the great advantage, not only depict the Elwyn faces, on the other hand,showing that vulgarity temperament as a wizard. The Shining Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn sexy beauty can be seen from the back of the golden Elwyn fine hair.

Shinning Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn

According to legend, the Forest Goddess is the messenger to pass the oracle to humanbeings, and Elwyn in light wind is a permanent forest singer, was definitely a impressed female role by the game players.

Shinning Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn

Shinning Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn sexy beauty action figure and nature-like garment with green skirt with a green transparent material, vertical to the hem, has played a very good stability.

Shinning Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn

Shinning Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn sexy beauty painting in detail is very good, with very realistic skin texture.

Shinning Wind Forest Goddess Elwyn

Shinning Wind is RPG game launched from Sega, the forest goddess Elwyn appear with beautiful image, left a deep impression to people, thisrelease from the shape of the original Sexy Beauty Figurine painting.

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Toy Story 3 Woody Action Figure Sharing

August 26, 2010

Woody and Buzz Light year action figures toys are back! With Toy Story 3 release, the KAIYODO will launch series of the two main characters Action Figures toys. ON10 launched in August is the cowboy Woody.

KAIYODO special photo series launched Woody action figures toys and Buzz Light year, classified them into 3D animation film, will be a somewhat far-fetched, but certainly in the product phase and workmanship, they are excellent.

The largest feature of Toy Story 3 Woody action figures toys is that eyes can mobilized and adjustable: the eyes can change by mobilizing, the facial expression is more enriched together with a squint of the head carving, Toy Story 3 Woody either laughing, or playing tricky expression, his eyes expression can fully reproduce.

Toy Story 3 Woody

In detail, as toy, letters under Andy’s feet are exquisite, Woody microphone also be attached.

Toy Story 3 Woody

Toy Story 3 Woody

In the original version, telescope was a prop, but also play a role. In the film, Toy Story 3 Woody not only with the telescope, but also prepared a hand holding a telescope.Just look at the following picture. Shown above, red circle is the location of Toy Story 3 Woody movable joints vision position, you can see their mobility is very good.

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2010 Transformers Official Classic Pictures Appreciation

August 26, 2010

Film series 2010 Transformers is really long schedule product, did not think there will be new products published, and these new design is more interesting, so many players exclaim that, “this design is better.” The other is the Generation several series product, which is a continuation of the classic series, including the Transformers War for Cybertron roles of the U.S. version Red Alert, as well as the black horse from comic.

1. Transformers War for Cybertron Series
Acoustic design is always overall satisfied, modeling is essentially all due to restore the G1 acoustic characteristics. But look into sci-fi models, some players may still not accept it.
Transformers War for Cybertron Series

2. Red Alert series
Before Red Alert, just launched Japanese version, due to less supply, and now the U.S. version finally launched, which so that meet the aspirations of transformers fans. With the Japanese version on the main color is not much difference, but there are many in different details, such as Japanese version is with the red head, while the U.S. edition is black.
Red Alert series
3. Tomahawk series
Tomahawk is a new product, transformed as a weapon helicopter. Form of helicopters is very good, but human pattern is somewhat scattered, I hope this is official picture caused.
Transformers tomahawk series
4. Terradive series
Terradive, can be seen from the exterior is not good. Transformed into sweepforward wing fighter, very characteristic shape. While armed with trident human form, looks more sinister impressive. Bad uncle, be sure to have you!
Transformers terradive series

5. Comics Role Lord Straxus
Black horse is the role from the G2 comic, formerly known as Lord Straxus, perhaps because the name can not beregistered, so called the black horse, but the pattern reflect the original Lord Straxus styles in comic book.
Transformers comics role lord straxus
6. Transformers Shaking series
Frankly speaking, shaking should be the worst design product in film 2 series, then of course ultimately, who you buy it?
Transformers shaking series
7. Transformers War for Cybertron series Megatron
Transformers war for cybertron series megatron
This Transformers War for Cybertron series Megatron toy photo is not seen for the first time, so we should not be strange to it. But the official human form is much better than before, so that player has more confidence to Transformers War for Cybertron Megatron.

Hobby Japan Optimum Science Fiction Action Figures Toys

August 26, 2010

The Hobby Japan monthly can not meet the needs of all players, so they fixed launch annual editorial four quarterly Hobby Japan Ex, planning a large space project, will go to the essence of the contents, starting from the supplement EX, Hobby Japan in addition to producing monthly editorial, also played a mook line, including high-end toy magazine “SMH” the former is “HJ EX”, and later entered the ranks of Mook. The new century, the editorial will be changed its name “HJ EX” to other names, such as Hobby Japan, etc., continue to introduce. Born in the last century’s sixties model toy magazine Hobby Japan, not only the most senior comprehensive toy magazines, called Japanese.
In line with the magazine “the best science fiction role peripheral toy”, stylists Takahashi LCSD works Access to the Movie, will be familiar with the historical science fiction films, made the several roles big head statue, covering the Terminator, Predator, Mechanical Men, Star Wars, Blade Runner and so on.

Access to the movie role

Speaking of classic science fiction film roles, in addition to Star Wars Das • Wade, somore else? “Scene king” Takuji Yamada Kotobukiya commit toy manufacturers invitation, produced a 1 / 6 Darth Vader statue, Even disfigured Anakin face after the mask was produced.

Star Wars Dark Lord

Han • Solomon captain and the role of Princess Leia the two statues, prototyping TakashiKinoshita played by the two statues role of the ratio are all 1 / 6. The robot C-3PO is created by surgeon Sato, Kaiyodo produced, Sato expand a high reputation in the toy industry, both because of their untimely death, on the other hand he has a high achievement inrobot design, after his death, he is responsible for producing, Fewture Gaeta robot series is up to high price, the price remains high until now.

Han • Solomon captain and Princess Leia

This 1 / 4 T800 metal skeleton, made of soft plastic and metal material, based on the movable body, added eyes shining detailed design. As Terminator 2 shown, the works standard can be said to be very impressive.

Terminator 2 T800

While in the movie, Alien seems especially mysterious, but all related toy make the monster visibility to common, then look to see model in alien.

Alien model.

In Terminator 2 opening, incomparable “hunters” they cruise in the air, using electronic equipment and radar scanners, uninterrupted search human survivors and send the information reaper. In the “Terminator 2018” also appeared, but the other tank, did not appear. Two models are produced by the Hagiwara Benedict in 1 / 35 ratio.

Terminator 2 Weapons

Famous aircraft from Star Trek – Enterprise. Model produced by the MatikanetamakazuraF, reach lifelike effect.

Star Trek

Hellraiser figure

Horror novelist Clive Barker, just for fun, as horror film director Hellraiser, play the role of acupuncture face, fully promote the extensive and profound culture of China Acupuncture. Hiroshi Sagae produced the 1 / 6 of the devil statue, inserted whole face with needles.

Shrek 4 Higher Box Office Influences Shrek Toys Sale

August 26, 2010

The industry’s large file animated Shrek 4 has been screened for the first time in 21 4 359 theaters in North America. The box office performance is not satisfactory, box office income on the premiere date is 20 million U.S. dollars, far less than 3 years ago Shrek 3 (38.43 million U.S. dollars). Nevertheless, the Shrek 4 inthe last three days of last week is 71.25 million U.S. dollars, which is still at the first place among the box office.
According to statistical data of North American box office released on the 23rd, Shrek film series is the first 3D film of this Shrek series production. The Paramount make Shrek 4 screened at 4,359 theaters (including 2373 3D cinema), the number far more than Shrek 2 record, creating a number of animated cinema premiere record. The IMAX DMR version fare rose to nearly 20 U.S. dollars,(revenue of 500 million, accounting for 7% of box office revenues). And compared to the last two Shrek series films opening weekend income, Shrek 4 box office performance is worse, Shrek 2 harvest 108 million, Shrek 3 harvest 122 million U.S. dollars. Audiences and critics have both the positive and negative comments.

shrek forever after poster shrek forever after shrek forever afterShrek 4

According to foreign media reports, the fare of new released Shrek 4 IMAX 3D version in several IMAX theaters in New York this week will be 20 dollars. 20 U.S. hit in North America currently single movie screenings normally record the highest fares, more importantly, it is the first time for Americans realized that the ticket prices could soar to be more than 20 dollars.
Because the hot sale of Shrek 4 film, the Shrek 4 toys will also be hot saled. U.S. well-known Toys producer Playmates will also release Shrek 4 toy series. Shrek 4 pocket-sized doll toy series includes action figures toys, Shrek magic ball, doll, and voice-activatedplush toys. Among them, there is a very special toy Shrek action figures, which Shrek dolls submerged in mud, and then out from the mud, very vivid.

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